Daniel and Daniel Wandmakers in Cambridge
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Learn more about how to order a custom made wand. Each wand comes with a unique core containing something meaningful to you.

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Our pre-made wands offer a ready to go alternative to our bespoke service. Still hand-made and unique, with a core selected by us.

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A great place to seek some inspiration, with regular examples of unique and quirky cores.


Daniel & Daniel

Daniel and Daniel was founded to provide unique and bespoke wooden wands and gifts.

What do we mean by bespoke? Well, we work with you to create something that is exactly as you want it to be, from start to finish. We don’t simply modify an existing product: your gift is made to order from the highest quality materials, precisely to your specification.

Your gift is made to order from the highest quality materials, precisely to your specification.

When you engage with us with us we will provide an insightful, consultative and collaborative service throughout the process to enable us to provide you with a product that achieves the effect and the impact you want it to. When designing a wand we ask you what you’re trying to create: a thoughtful coming of age present, a romantic proposal or perhaps a unique Christmas gift?

No one can dictate how a particular material or shape is interpreted by an individual; we know that certain woods, metals and forms will mean different things to different people. We approach each project with an open mind, and get to the core of what you are looking to present as your gift. We won’t ask you simply to specify the product you want us to create, but help you work towards achieving the concept you have in mind. Each item we craft is a unique combination of your inspiration and our experience.

The variety of our previous projects demonstrates the scope of what we can do with your ideas.

In spirit, Daniel & Daniel was formed in 2014 when my brother (the other Daniel) decided to make me a wand. I already had everyone else’s wand, but I didn’t have one that was symbolic of me. I had come to terms with the fact that I didn’t really have magical powers – just - and had outgrown the desire to impersonate others. He created me a wand in rosewood, which was a reference to my middle name and my family, and put in a silk core, a reference to my love of sewing and making clothes which I had gained from my mother. It symbolised things which gave me power in everyday life and those things gave me a more mature and sophisticated way to express my creativity. That original wand became the subject of many a conversation as people expressed their desire to have a gift which symbolised them and not others. Two years and many wands later, Daniel & Daniel is still fulfilling that desire.

Meredith Daniel