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Our bespoke wands represent the best of your inspiration and our craftsmanship. Each comes in an equally unique handmade wooden presentation box and is available with a range of display options and accessories, all created to match the style of the wand itself.

Whether your aim is to create a beautiful desk ornament complete with a set of handmade pens, or an imaginative and modern talking point to display in your home, we will work with you to achieve it.

When you engage us on a bespoke commission we will consult with you for as long as necessary, free of charge and with no obligation to proceed, until we arrive at a concept and a design that you are completely satisfied with.

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Using advanced video conferencing and webcam technology we can talk to you from our studios with a full range of materials and examples to demonstrate, whilst you sit comfortably and conveniently at home, in a coffee shop, or even in your office.

Below is a selection of examples of previous bespoke commissions, displayed here with our clients’ consent. What you see here is by no means an exhaustive demonstration, so if you have a concept and want us to make it a reality, it would be our pleasure to discuss your ideas in more detail.


Made from American walnut, this elegant and subtly styled wand was made with understated copper inlays on the handle and a matching walnut presentation box.

The outward appearance of the piece belies the extravagance of the peacock-feather core, a personal reflection of this wand’s owner.


Masculine in outward appearance, this wand was crafted from ebony-like African Blackwood which only shows its deep and lustrous grain under close inspection.

Presented in a contrasting oak box, a lock of hair was chosen for the core of this wand.


A slight departure from our usual fare, we’re not ones to shy from a challenge, so when a previous client contacted us to ask what we could do with five champagne flutes with broken stems, this was the result.

The original glasses were handmade and therefore all slightly different, so we decided to accentuate this by creating a ‘forest’ of glasses, all of different heights.

Walnut was chosen for its rich and intricately detailed grain, as well as the pleasing contrast to the colour of a good champagne.


With a curved ergonomic grip, this wand was crafted from Maple with a Maple-leaf core to reflect the Canadian heritage of the owner.

The client wanted to be able to display their wand openly, therefore an imposing yet elegant display stand was also made in matching Maple wood, as was the box.