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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – Niffler Core

Posted on December 17th, 2016

I’ve wanted to make a core based on the Niffler since I saw the film, but with Christmas around the corner I’ve just been too busy. So today, when I found myself with some spare resin after making the cores for some Christmas orders I thought I’d give it a go.

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Poliwag Pokemon Core

Posted on November 12th, 2016

After the launch of Pokemon Go, I made my partner a Pokemon core for his wand as a jokey comment on his new obsession. Although a humorous example, it does go to show that sometimes the things that are important to us do change. If this is the case, we’re always happy to discuss making a replacement or additional core for your bespoke commission.

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Harry Potter Wand Core

Posted on November 8th, 2016

We were recently approached by a client who wanted a Harry Potter inspired gift for their daughter as a 21st birthday present. After being told that her favourite book was the Prisoner of Azkaban and that she could be described as a bit of a troublemaker, we decided on a Marauder’s Map inspired core.

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Our Pre-made Wand Cores

Posted on November 3rd, 2016

All of our pre-made wands come with one of three cores: feather, horse hair or flower. Each core is handmade and because each of the items that go into them is unique, so are the cores themselves.

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Bespoke Champagne Glasses

Posted on November 2nd, 2016

These glasses were a slightly unusual project we undertook for an existing customer last year when they found themselves with a box of smashed champagne flutes.

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Autumn Cores

Posted on October 31st, 2016

This time of year is best known for the striking colours of the trees as the leaves change colour and the crackling under foot of dried leaves on the pavement. Inspired by the colours of the foliage on a recent walk I decided to try and encapsulate this time of year inside one of our cores.