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Bespoke Champagne Glasses

Posted November 2nd, 2016


This was project we undertook last year, but the build up to the Christmas season seemed the perfect opportunity to reflect back on it.

Whilst this project was somewhat different from our usual work, we’re always keen to apply our creativity to our clients’ concepts. We had just such an opportunity when a customer who had previously worked with us to create a bespoke handmade wand for their husband contacted us to ask if we could help with a problem.

Having purchased a set of handmade champagne flutes as a Christmas gift for a family friend, they were disappointed to find that five of the eight had arrived with broken stems, but were otherwise intact. Thinking it would be a shame to throw away such high-quality glassware and seeing an opportunity, they asked us to use these as a base to create something more unique, a totally bespoke Christmas present that would really stand out.

Through discussions with the customer, it was decided that we should make something as different and as unusual as possible so that the finished product would be a standout feature in any kitchen or dining room and very clearly handmade and unique. What we needed to avoid was creating something to suit a particular décor that would then be at risk of looking out of place if the surrounding décor was changed. To make these glasses as much of a feature as possible, we didn’t want to simply replace the stems with wood, so we brought the wood right up and around the glass to look as if the whole piece had grown together. Being handmade the glasses were all slightly different anyway, and wanting to accentuate that whilst carrying through the organic theme we also made all five glasses very different heights to create the effect of forest when all placed together.

We considered a number of woods for this project, but American Walnut was a standout choice for the beautiful contrast of rich, dark brown against the light creamy yellow of champagne, as well as its wonderfully patterned grain. On a more practical note Walnut is also very durable and ages exceptionally well, and we wanted this to be a gift that lasted. We pulled out the stops to get these delivered in time (and intact) for Christmas, and were especially pleased at being able to help a customer turn a bit of a dud into a truly unique and bespoke gift.

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