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Featured Woods – Purpleheart

Posted February 8th, 2017


We work with a huge range of woods at Daniel & Daniel but I recently found some Purpleheart wood from one of our suppliers and fell in love with the colour. At first glance many people assume that the colour comes from staining but it is actually entirely natural and it polishes to a beautiful shine.

The wood comes from the Peltogyne genus of trees and is found in rainforests in Central and South America. The stunning colour of the wood is hidden by a layer of creamy white wood, it is only the centre of the tree which has the bright purple colour – hence the name Purpleheart. I like the fact that the tree is a little like a wand itself, with its own beautiful hidden core.

Purpleheart has a reputation as one of the hardiest woods in the world making it an excellent choice for a sturdy wand. Interestingly its density not only gives it a lovely weight but it also makes it watertight!

If you’re interested in more than just its lovely colour then Purpleheart also has spiritual associations. It is said to have a creative energy and also healing properties, with the powers to eliminate negative energy.

Like all woods the colour will change as the wood oxidises and it usually develops to a deep maroon over a period of years. The colour change can be reduced by minimising the woods’ exposure to direct sunlight.

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