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Our Pre-made Wand Cores

Posted November 3rd, 2016


All of our pre-made wands come with one of three cores: feather, horse hair or flower. Each core is handmade and because each of the items that go into them is unique, so are the cores themselves.

Our wands comes in two pieces: a wand shaft and a handle. Our cores are placed into a cavity inside the wand which can be accessed by separating the two sections of the wand. We set all of our core materials into resin so that they can be removed and viewed repeatedly without damaging the often delicate materials.

Our flowers cores are predominantly made from blue cornflower and yellow marigold which make for a striking combination. Our pre-made cores will, at times, also contain other flowers such as heather and lavender. These cores make a perfect quirky take on the traditional gift of flowers. If you have a special flower in mind please get in touch regarding our bespoke wands. We can make you a unique combination of the flowers that mean something special to the recipient of your wand.

Our feather cores are made from high-quality pheasant feathers and each feather we use is natural and undyed. We select only those feathers with aesthetically interesting designs to create a striking core for each wand. Our feather cores are one of the more traditional types of cores that we offer, as feathers have always been linked to magic and ritual especially among Native American tribes and other indigenous populations.

If you order a wand from our bespoke collection we can source a variety of cruelty free exotic feathers for the core of your wand. Please be aware however, that it is illegal to buy or sell wild bird feathers or feathers from protected species. This means that we are unable to provide wands with cores containing owl feathers, for example.

Our third core type is horse hair. We use high-quality white horse hair in all of our wand cores which creates a subtle marbling effect in the core. The use of high quality white hair ensures a true to colour finish once it is set into the resin. In our bespoke collection we can use the hair of a special person or pet to make your wand even more personal to you. Please be aware that it will appear slightly darker once it is set into the resin.
Whichever of the three cores you choose, or if you choose to make your own, we know you’ll be delighted with the effect. Our cores make each wand that extra bit special.

Please be aware that due to the shape of the casting and the materials used there may be some small air bubbles cast in the resin.

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