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Poliwag Pokemon Core

Posted November 12th, 2016


The recent launch of Pokemon Go, thrust Pokemon back into the spotlight and, as the world was in need of a little happy nostalgia, it quickly became a big hit. My partner was so obsessed with it that he even brought a new phone to ensure he had enough battery life and data.

He already has his own wand with a personal and somewhat more mature core than this one. However, in the wake of feeling like I had been replaced by an app I decided to be slightly immature and replace it with a Pokemon themed core instead.

This also provided a great opportunity to experiment with a water themed core, something that I’ve been wanting to try out for a while. The first challenge was selecting my Pokemon. It was clear that Squirtle was not an option, as he has always had a deep affinity with Bulbasaur because everyone chooses Charmander and Squirtle. In the end I settled on Poliwag: he was suitably cute and was also a Pokemon that he had so far been unable to catch.

The base of the core is filled with sand to represent the sea or river bed and then on top of this I placed a small alpine style grass that grows on the water feature in our garden. The next stage was making my tiny Poliwag. I carefully positioned the sand and plants into the core before adding a small amount of white resin to create the mysterious fog at the base of the core. The final step was to use a blue tinted resin for the water and to introduce air into the core to create the realistic flow of larger and smaller bubbles.

Overall, the effect turned out to be quite stunning and you’ll be reassured to know that the joke was appreciated. Although perhaps a more humorous example, it does go to show that sometimes the things that are important to us do change. If this is the case, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss making a replacement or additional wand core for your bespoke commission.

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