Daniel and Daniel Wandmakers in Cambridge


Here you can see our selection of ready made Wands. Handmade to the same quality and with the same attention to detail as our bespoke items, our pre-made wands are every bit as unique, and also have their own cores.

Order by 17:00 on Wednesday the 20th of December and we'll dispatch it on the 21st of December with next day delivery (UK only, excluding custom cores).

A note on ‘handmade’

Absolutely all our items are handmade by us, and when we say handmade, we mean it. We craft all our wands and cores from start to finish right here in Cambridge using traditional woodworking and metalworking techniques (some of our tools are three generations old).

Every single wand is made to its own individual design, meaning all of our wands are truly unique by their very nature.

Customise your core


13 3/4", Feather Core


14", Gold Leaf Core


14", White Horsehair core


14 1/4", Feather core


13 3/4", Flower Core


13", Flower core